Checksum Freeware   Freeware

Checksums v 1.0

Helps users to avoid virulent downloads by easy checking the checksum/key/fingerprint,
Helps webmasters to briefly create checksum-, key-, fingerprint-files.

  • Java application, runs on any Java 1.4 (or newer) enabled os (Windows, Linux, MacOS, ...)
  • Readme-file containing installation hints and usage description is part of the archive
  • Computes 7 types of checksum at once
  • Can check the checksum-files provided with downloaded files just by mouse
  • Can create checksum-files for whole directories (publishing)
  • No installation nor uninstallation, just the program file needs to be present
  • Free to copy, no registration, full functionality
Program archive download: (73 kB)
Archive checksums: (531 Bytes)
To download use "save destination" (usually via right-mouse-button-click).
(Screenshot in png-format)
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Date of release: January 2004

Michael Besteck
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