Data-URL Generator and Extractor

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Using Data-URLs referenced content can be noted inline. For example
<a href="data:text/html;charset=UTF8,Joe%20Doe">author</a>
might be used to link a page containing a name,
<img alt="red pixel" src="">
will display an image without image file.


Step 1 Select encoding

encode to minimal size
encode using ASCII/hex notation
encode using base64

Step 2 Select media type or placeholder type/subtype to afterwards provide an individual media type.

Step 3 Select file or input text in the text area below as source of data.


Step 4 Start the Data-URL generation. The result will appear in the text area below. Please allow a few seconds delay.


Step 5 Copy the minimized JavaScript into clipboard for your use. This can be also done manually by clicking into the text area, then press [Ctrl]+[A], then [Ctrl]+[C].

Extract: Create a file from a Data-URL Enter a valid Data-URL into the text area above and click "Generate download link". The file will be available via download link using the name "data-url-file.[EXT]" with EXT based on the media type. If the text area does not contain a valid Data-URL then the download may fail. Tested with Firefox 54, Chrome 60, Opera 47 on Linux and Windows, may not work with MS edge and Internet Explorer.